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12 Different Targets to Mix up the FUN!

> 18"x18" Full Color Adhesive Vinyl targets.
> Over a Dozen Designs that are FUN and EASY to identify when shooting.
> Perfect High Contrast FULL Color Designs for 10-50 yards.
> Target Patterns designed to challenge and extend the wear of your block or bag

> Extend the wear of your existing target or backstop.
> Indoor & Outdoor use.
> Suggested Rules to make Game Play more Fun and more Competitive.
> Waterproof and durable - Each Target can take hundreds of shots!

Tic Tac Takeover

How to Play:
Each Player, or team, gets 5 arrows. Play straight up Tic Tac Toe by shooting 3 targets in a row, in any direction to win (anywhere in the square counts). Want a challenge? Add the Tic Tac Toe Takeover rules using the color takeover scoring legend below. Knock your opponent out of the square by shooting at the scoring area closer to the bullseye. An arrow in the red bullseye locks that square and cannot be taken over. Use these rules or PLAY YOUR WAY!


How to Play:
Baseball plays as simple RUNS and OUTS. Each Player, or team, gets a maximum of 5 AT BATS per Inning (5 Arrows = 5 batters). Take turns shooting. The players inning, or turn, is over for when all 5 arrows have been shot or 3 outs, whichever comes first. Add up runs after each turn. High score after 9 innings WINS!. Use these rules or PLAY YOUR WAY!


How to Play: Each player gets 4 downs, or 4 arrows, to advance to the next smallest football starting on the 40 yard line. Each time you advance you get 4 shots to achieve the next size football. Score 6 PTs for touchdown when you hit the smallest football near the ENDZONE - score a touchdown and get 1 extra arrow to shoot between the goal posts for the extra point. Your turn ends when you score OR use up all 4 arrows without advancing/scoring. If you do not advance in 4 arrows you start again at the 40. Shoot all 4 or alternate with your partner. Use these rules or PLAY YOUR WAY!


Hearts & Spades (CARDS)

How to Play: Hearts & Spades can play like any traditional
card game. 3 - 4 - 5 card poker or even a simple game of MATCH. Poker Rules: Using 4-6 arrows, shoot at the cards to make a poker hand. Arrow must be completely inside the borders of a card to count. Best cards to make a poker hand wins. The Dart Bag kid is WILD! Red vs. Black Rules: Pick a color/suit, start with Ace “A” and shoot the cards in order A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K. First person to shoot the deck wins. Use these rules or PLAY YOUR WAY!



How to Play: The Money play board can be played MANY ways! Spendin’ Money Rules: The lead player, or team, selects a dollar amount to start the game. Each player takes turns by shooting the money to “spend” EXACTLY that amount. The player that spends all their money first WINS! Down to ZERO dollars exactly. (HINT:Odd dollars makes for a fun and competitive game - example: $3.17) Makin’ Money Rules: Each player shoots 3-5 arrows, the player with the most money WINS! Use these rules or PLAY YOUR WAY!


Traditional DART Board

How to Play: Play any traditional dart game.



How to Play Lake Erie Battle Fish: Each player takes a turn using 3-5 arrows per turn. On your turn, pick a fish to catch - the fish is caught when all of the circles on that fish have been hit 1 time. Using the score legend at the bottom - score your catch - Highest score WINS! Want a challenge? Go after the 5 and 10 point fish only and assign a specific color order to your shots - for example: red first then yellow and blue. Lose a turn if you hit a color out of order OR if you hit a smaller fish. Use these rules or PLAY YOUR WAY!


Clock - JUNE SPECIAL $5.00

How to Play: Shoot around the clock starting at the 1:00 Hour and shoot through 12:00 - in numerical order, clockwise. First person to 12:00 WINS! Add a layer of difficulty and require 3 shots to complete each hour – if you miss you go back to 1:00. Want a challenge? Have 1 player assign a specific time by shooting the numbers in the center box first (hours & minutes). The opposing player shoots arrows to hit that specific time on the clock (hours & minutes). Use these rules or PLAY YOUR



How to Play: Each player gets 3-5 arrows per turn. Shoot at the pizza toppings and score turn using the Points Legend. Player with the most points WINS! Want a challenge? Select one pizza topping, using 3-5 arrows, each player can ONLY shoot that topping. The player with the most hits of the selected topping WINS! Use these rules or PLAY YOUR WAY!


Eternity Ring (NASP)

Turn ANY Size Block, Bag, or Backstop into an official Eternity Ring Target. The measurements of these 7 rings match the exact rings on the Official NASP Eternity Ring Target.



Turn ANY Size Block, Bag, or Backstop into a 3D image. Kill Zones are off center utilizing the entire surface of the target.




Turn ANY Size Block, Bag, or Backstop into a 3D image. Kill Zone is off center utilizing the entire surface of the target.


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